Freddie Mercury is the vocalist of the legendary band, Queen. He died in 91 because of complications from a disease caused by AIDS.

The man whose real name is Faroukh Bulsara is gay. But not many people know that true love is a woman named Mary Austin.

Freddie met Mary in 1970. At that time the man who was born in Zanzibar was starting to pursue a career with his band, Queen. They lived together for 6 years, then when Queen began to succeed, Mary felt something was strange. Freddie began to change a little and they rarely met. Until finally Freddie admitted that he was more attracted to men than women.

But her love for Mary never subsided. They also agreed to separate. But Freddie still loves Mary. Even though “physically” he is attracted to men, his soul and heart are only in love with Mary.

After Queen’s success and rule of the music world, Freddie continued to love Mary. Buy her an apartment next to her own so that Freddie can see Mary through the window every day.

Lots of songs Freddie created for Mary, the most famous one is ‘Love of My Life‘ which is Freddie’s statement that he will love Mary forever even in any situation.

When Freddie has a gay lover, Mary then marries and has children. Freddie happily became the godfather of the child. Her relationship with Mary grew stronger. Everyone in their lives understands that these two people are indeed inseparable souls. Each of their lovers understands this loveless relationship.

Because of his flamboyant life, like parties, and struggling to replace a partner, Freddie finally contracted AIDS. The first person to know this was Mary, even though Freddie already had a gay lover at the time. Mary was the one who courageously treated Freddie during his illness. Almost every day come to visit him.

When her illness got worse and Freddie could only be in bed, it was Mary who took care of Freddie. To the extent that Freddie dubbed him as ‘ The Old Faithful ‘ (the most loyal). In September 1991, one day after his birthday, Freddie breathed his last. Mary was one of the last people beside him.

Freddie left his entire fortune to Mary, leaving little to his family and other closest people. Mary held the music royalties. And Mary was the only person Freddie trusted to bury his ashes in secret. Until now the Queen’s fans and Freddie’s family did not know where the ashes were buried.

The story of Freddie and Mary teaches us that love does not have to have. It doesn’t have to be based on lust. But they can care about each other, can understand each other, and can care for each other from afar.


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