Elephant Social Market, Castle Square

The relaxed vibe at Elephant Social Market makes it the ideal place to come and watch the world pass by while enjoying a drink and conversation.

Expect a delicious line up of Street Food, farmers market traders, local designers & crafts, live music, art and workshops from 12:00 – 18:00.


Charlie Chaplin’s Elephant and Castle – a walk with John Constable

The silent film star Charlie Chaplin was born and raised in the Elephant. On this walk with local writer-performer John Constable, we explore Chaplin’s childhood haunts around the area, including the church where his parents were married, the sites of the ‘South London Palace’ and other celebrated music halls from the time when this area was a hotbed of working-class culture. Along the way, we discover some memorable larger-than-life characters, and are treated to John’s own performance of the music-hall classic ‘Knocked ‘Em In The Old Kent Road’.

Charlie Chaplin's Elephant and Castle – a walk with John Constable

John Constable has lived in The Borough for more than 30 years. His plays include The Southwark Mysteries, performed in Shakespeare’s Globe and Southwark Cathedral, and the dramatization of Mervyn Peake’s Gormenghast trilogy staged at the Lyric Hammersmith and on several world tours. He gives talks and workshops and has conducted many guided walks on local history and culture. £5 contribution per person. The walk will last 90 minutes to 2 hours. Meet at Castle Square, SE17 1LB, Elephant and Castle 13.30 2 September 2017.


A Legend of London Reggae

We bring you Earl Gateshead,  Earl built his own SoundSystem in the 70s and installed it in London’s famous Dive Bar.

The first reggae DJ to play at Fabric, The Ministry of Sound, and Space in Ibiza, Earl plays everything from Ska to Deep Roots and Dub. Today Earl tours the world, always playing original, first press, vinyl, which he maintains has the best sound. He Spreads the original positive message of love, from Jamaica’s golden era of Reggae music.



Walking tour of the Elephant with expert guide, Isobel Durrant

walkingtourOnce hailed as south London’s answer to Bath, the Elephant and Castle’s reputation has for many years been more ugly duckling than admired swan.

Named after a pub, and famous for music halls, Europe’s biggest cinema, and a gang that styled itself The Elephant Boys,  the Elephant reinvented itself more recently as a music and night club venue hip in parts, but not where most people wanted to live; a grimy and gritty place, somewhere only its locals could love.

Then along came regeneration, and suddenly unfamiliar words like investment, opportunity, desirable started to be used about the neighborhood. Isobel has been guiding around the area for nearly twenty years and exploring its history for almost twice that long.

Join her to see behind the fabled roundabouts, the derided shopping center and find a vibrant and proud community. (Starts Castle Square, SE17 1LB, 2 pm, £5 contribution please)


Elefest - the Elephant and Castle's annual festival.

Celebrating the past, present and future ‎of the Elephant.