Jally Kebba Susso and Manding Sabu

Born into 74 generations of West African musical heritage, Gambian griot Jally Kebba Susso skilly blends the traditional repertoire with his own concotion of heady jazz. Playing the kora, or traditional harp, his African funk sound is acessible and uplifting, filled with intoxicating thythmical layers that give hims music depth and intrigue.

Jally Kebba Susso has honed his own sound over years of experimentation on the London underground scene since he relocated to the UK in 2002. He'll be joined by his band Manding Sabu, with whom he has recorded two albums. Veterans of UK festials such as Shambala and Secret Garden Party,expect an electric stage show and a timely call for togetherness and solidarity. But most of all, expect to experience the kora as you never have before. And to dance.